Experience the captivating short film 'No Lie' directed by Konan David, featuring a talented cast of dancers and actors led.
Dance Film, festival-awarded worldwide. Music : Juls.

No Lie - Dance Film

Work : Director, Movement Director

Going from anger to inner peace, from being lost to finding the light.
This wise woman here, shows the right path to follow to everyone around, they must protect and cherish her.

Creative Idea & Direction : Konan David / @konanraw
Producers : Konan David & Noal Ahoomey
DOP : Konan David & Noal Ahoomey
Camera Operator : Noal Ahoomey / @nonovibe
Movement Director & Choreographer : Konan David Markosy
Editor : Konan David
Colorist : Konan David

Dancers/Actors :
Eva Ndiaye / @evandiaye
Isaac Tety / @lavivacite
Patrick Tran / @pat_trn
Axel Prepont / @axelprpnt
Kevin Monticone / @kev_femto
Sofian Djaouzi / @lazy_so_
Vincent Mekoulou / @ti_jay_
Konan David / @konanraw

Photographer : Anass Harchali / @anasslog

Music : No Lie · Juls Ft Knucks · XamVolo · Che Lingo