Konan David Markosy, a multi-faceted mentor, performer and creative force. Born in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, he honed his skills as a self-taught dancer while growing up in France and discovered his passion for the art form. He went on to pursue a professional career, performing in shows and music videos alongside some of the industry's top artists such as Dadju, LaylowAnitta, Lous and The Yakuza, MHD, Shy'm, Tiakola, and being instructor to multi-level dancers across France and Europe.

Through his journey, he realized that in addition to his dancing abilities, his true passion and talent lies in creation and mentoring. He is also drawn to the power of cinematography in delivering emotions and telling stories through visuals. With this in mind, he combined his passions to bring unique and captivating visuals to life.

As a movement director/choreographer, he has the power to create innovative and original movement in visuals that brings stories and emotions to life, while working with talented artists and collaborators.